B2B is the continuation of the Airline Ride Across America efforts to see that the 3 memorials of 9/11: The Pentagon Memorial, The Flight 93 Memorial and the WTC Memorial get the funds that they so desperately need so that these memorials can be completed.

This year, the five year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country, we are far away from the completion of the 3 memorials. It is the intent and desire of B2B to help raise funds in the memory and honor of the crewmembers killed that day for these memorials. This year will be the first B2B and it is the hope of Airline Ride Across America to make this an annual event the second weekend in October. The Airline Ride Across America is the only non-profit dedicated to fund raising for the these 3 memorials. The crewmembers were our leaders that day and Airline Ride Across America is continuing the tradition of leading the effort to keep the memory of all the victims, especially the 33 crewmembers, alive.

B2B is to be a fun ride, not a race, through the Delmarva Peninsula with stops in Denton, MD; Federalsburg, MD; and Laurel, Del. before ending in Bethany Beach at Bethany Blues. B2B is not for the faint of heart. While a flat course, the Ride may be challenging due to the weather (there can be hot days in October as well as high winds).

Last Updated on October 12, 2006 at 10:30PM

B2B will start as a "mass start" at 8:00 AM. The ride will NOT be a rolling or "show and go" start.

The police (who will be with us) have asked for the safety of the cyclists and the motorists that we start as a group and stay as much as possible as a group.

There are some route changes since originally posted due to bridge outages and questionable roads. The start is at 8:00 AM at the Grasonville Elementary School. The school is located at:

5435 Main Street, Grasonville

City Bikes will have staff (mechanic) on hand to assist and have some parts and supplies.

After crossing the Kent Narrows bridge take the 2nd exit and proceed East on Rt. 18. The school is on the left. Again, this is due in response to requests from the authorities so that there is the minimum of road/intersection closures . There will be police to monitor and assist in crossing major intersections. The sag wagon will leave promptly at 8:00 AM; no further riders will be allowed after this time. Riders should meet on the East side of Kent Narrows on Route 18 at the Grasonville Elementary School.

Travel East on Route 18, proceed through Grasonville and join US 50 Eastbound go about 4.5 miles to Wye Mills Road bear right (toward Chesapeake College, keep College on left).

Turn left on Wye Mills-Queen Anne Road, cross over US 50 and join Rt. 404 (approx 12 miles) exit Business Rt. 404 to Denton. In Denton, there is a scheduled stop at the police headquarters (if your picture is posted on Post Office walls... keep going). Approaching Denton, the Police Department is located at 100 N. Third Street. Entering Denton on Business 404 and crossing Choptank River, proceed up the hill on to Market Street. At the traffic signal on Market and Third, turn left and POD is on the next block. At the POD there are restrooms and there will be some refreshments. Leaving the POD, re-join Rt. 404 via 5th Street east of Denton.

Leaving Denton, continue (approximately 4 miles) to Rt. 313 (known as Federalsburg Highway) turn right.

Proceed on Rt. 313 (approximately 8 miles) to Federalsburg. While in Federalsburg there is a scheduled to stop for water, Gatorade, and food on the "bypass" Rt. 313 near the Marina/Park.

In Federalsburg, there will also be refreshments and some "snack" foods. Leaving Federalsburg, continue on Rt. 313 around Federalsburg on Rt. 313 and leaving the bypass this also now becomes Rt. 318.

Crossing into Delaware, Rt. 318 becomes Del. Rt. 18. Stay on Rt. 18.

After, at the town of Atlanta, make a right turn on to Bowden Garage Road (this is marked Truck Rt. 404/18. Pass through Cannon and cross Rt. US 13 where there will be police providing assistance. This intersection is south of Bridgeville.

After 10 miles, in the town of Georgetown make a right onto US 113 towards Millsboro. In Georgetown, there will be another and last stop to "re-stock" and use the restrooms. A good place is the WaWa. Police will, continue to be monitoring; proceed for 13 miles and make a left at Rt. 26. Police should be there to assist crossing.

Remain on Rt. 26 for approximately 11 miles and enter town of Bethany Beach. Follow the crowds/signs or the aroma of barbecue ribs to Bethany Blues.

The finish of the B2B will be in downtown Bethany Beach at the Boardwalk at Mango's.

At Mango's there will be a reception and "welcoming committee". Showers will/are available for those that so desire simply ask an ARAA organizer for details when you arrive. Dinner will be at Bethany Blues starting around 5-6PM in order for those that desire to take the bus back can leave in a timely fashion (7-7:30PM). The final Raffle will take place at 9:00PM.

To repeat, the police have asked for the safety of the cyclists and the motorists that we start as a group and stay as much as possible as a group.

ARAA has chartered a bus to aid in the return to the start point. If you wish to return the same day to the start point, you must check the "Bus Return" box on the registration form to ensure you have a seat. Otherwise we encourage you to participate in an un-official return ride back to the starting point the following morning.

It is recommended that riders be able to maintain a minimum average speed of 15MPH to keep within the time constraints.

The Ride is open to all. We ask that you please read the routing, disclaimer, and format for B2B.