The journey started April 2, 2006 at the Pacific Ocean at Dockweiler Beach which is adjacent to LAX and took the southerly route across America. There were stops in Phoenix and Dallas where there were "loop" rides with fellow cyclists and airline employees; in these cities, the Ride paid tribute to the fallen crewmembers and their sacrifices as well as recognized those that "took back" the skies in the days after September 11, 2001. On April 29th the Ride rode to Shanksville and with family members of UAL Flt 93 stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial and on May 4th the Ride, again with family, members stopped by "ground zero" at the World Trade Center before finishing at the Pentagon on May 9, 2006 where the Riders were greeted by SecDef Rumsfeld, Deputy Sec England, surviving family members of AA Flt 77, and many airline employees. At each site, Shanksville, World Trade Center, and the Pentagon tribute was paid and a moment of silence was observed as the Riders placed a wreath in honor of the fallen crewmembers and the other victims of that day.

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